Kids Authority Children Boxing set – Punching bag with gloves and adjustable 80-110cm (32-43inch) Stand

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  • A punching bag is one of the most recommended items for children and adolescents in therapy.  (A stress ball is also highly recommended for relaxing when angry or frustrated.)
  • Many kids need an acceptable and appropriate way to vent large and frequent amounts of frustration and anger.  Most children do not pick the best methods for doing this.  Parents often have limited ideas which they can tolerate for their kids to get rid of these negative emotions.  Yelling into pillows, or hitting pillows, will suffice for a lot of children.  Heavy exercise (weight lifting, basketball, or football, for example) can offer excellent outlets, if available.  Running or stomping feet outside (where the house won’t shake) are other alternatives.
  • Consider this.  Without an outlet for these emotions, children typically dump them on their parents (or siblings, peers, teachers, etc.) through all sorts of methods, few of which are preferable to providing a punching bag!
  • Often, a regulation bag or speed bag is not practical.  Punching bags require SOLID installation, usually from a sturdy supporting beam, and often attached to the floor.  Most homes don’t have this available.  Sometimes this can be arranged in an outside area, if protected from the weather.
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This is a toy boxing set consisting of a punching ball and a pair of boxing gloves. There is a spring on the boxing stand. It helps kids train up a habit of regular exercise. Sport Adjustable Boxing Punching Set for Kids. The height may be adjusted from 72 to 108 cm Includes two boxing gloves Weighted stand with elastic spring Great set for training skill, agility, and coordination.

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